How long does it take for shipping? We ship all orders within 2 days after purchase. Shipping costs may vary depending on how far you live from our warehouse. Understand weather conditions, holidays, and natural causes may cause delays in delivery times. What happens if my order gets stuck in "Waiting to Scan" before delivery day? -We suggest to contact your nearest USPS Post Office and provide them your Tracking Number. Nine out of ten times they end up having your order ready for pick up. Why is your catalog so limited? -We want to please every single one of you by listening to your feedback and dropping a new sticker every Friday at 12:00 AM EST. Some times we do Mega Drops with multiple stickers. How do you cancel an order before being shipped? -Send us an email at infositzumi@gmil.com, and we will go from there. Why did you sent my package to the wrong address? -We do not change address, the customer is in charge of putting their own information before making any purchase.